The Cup

here’s the skinny

what you need to know about our unique push‚ÄĎup cup

  • they are 100% recyclable. please recycle after use
  • they are reusable. see our blog for fun ways to reuse your Boozy cup.
  • our Boozy cups are patented
  • to use, simply twist the stem and push up

Our Push-Up Cup Will Change Your Life!

...Ok maybe not truly life changing, but they will up your celebration game!

Everyone loves an old school jello shot, but no one likes the moment you have to use your finger or tongue to eat it. And we don’t either! Thus we invented our beautiful push-up cup. And now, you can enjoy as an edible cocktail, one Bite at a time, rather than having to down the whole thing like a college shot.

One More Thing

Did you know our Boozy cups are 100% recyclable and reusable?! Well they are! If you wish to discard your cups after your celebration, we ask that you recycle them. Or if you want to keep them and reuse them, we love to hear it! For some fun creative ways to reuse our cups, visit our blog!

What They’re

Best ‚Äújello‚ÄĚ shots around.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with these!!! I didn‚Äôt know what to expect, taste, consistency, etc. they are AWESOME. I love the cup that falls down so you can easily do the ‚Äúshot!‚ÄĚ Even better, it‚Äôs recyclable. What I also love is that these are GF, vegan and SHELF STABLE!!!

Thank you for making such a great product!!! Will be buying again soon!

- Christine Garrabrants

Highlight of the pool party!

I am so happy that I bought these for our party! They were a hit and totally delicious and full of flavor! Everyone loved the mini cups and the twist and pop feature! Will definitely buy again!

- Ioana

We really enjoyed the variety pack! The Jell-O shots were fun & flavorful. The fancy pop-up cups make them! I would definitely order again!

- Crystal Kirkham

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