This club is for our Booziest and boujiest babes! Join the club and get your bites delivered on auto-pilot and save BIG! Choose from monthly or quarterly deliveries and you'll automatically receive our exclusive seasonal boxes. Also, we might throw in some extra perks from time to time ūüėČ. Let's get Boozy!


Monthly Boozy Club

This is for our loyal Boozy babes that want all the exclusive boxes! Save over 20% on each box and get FREE shipping! This is the best deal we have offered yet!

Quarterly Boozy Club

With this club membership, you get the exclusive box for each season! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - you'll be set with your Boozy essentials!


Yes! Our Bites really are Vegan. Using 3 forms of seaweed, we created a vegan gel which allows our products to be vegan and a firmer texture, allowing them to be eaten in Bites rather than as a shot.

Push Up Cup

Helping you keep it classy, our Bites aren’t just beautiful, they are also functional. Never have to use your finger or tongue again, simply twist the stem, push it up, and the gel comes right out for you to enjoy.

Shelf Stable

Our Boozy Bites Don‚Äôt Melt! Thanks Seaweed! Seriously, they don‚Äôt melt! Because we use a seaweed gel, rather than gelatin, our product will maintain it's consistency up to 130F.  

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