The BB Team

what you should know about us

We are a high - energy, passionate, and diverse team dedicated to making everyday a celebration! Our belief is that one of life’s greatest gifts is the time we get to spend with the ones we love most. But in today’s world, plagued with the stresses of #adulting and masked behind a screen of #filters, we felt those special moments slipping away. As such, we decided to make it our mission to revolutionize
the celebration!

Bringing back that feeling of freedom, connection, and pure joy from our earlier years, but in a product that has the quality and values of our now adult life, we re-invented the frat house favorite, in a fun, exciting, and stylish catalyst for connection. A way to bring everyone together, to feel that sense of freedom and joy, and to create memories that will last a lifetime!

As a female founded and female led company, we believe in lifting up and giving voice to our employees and consumers alike. Entrepreneurs at heart, we believe that delivering the highest quality experience for our customers, means empowering our employees to take action and lead the changes that will take Boozy Bites to the next level.

We also believe that to have a great organization, each employee must be operating as their best selves. And thus, we empower our employees to put their wellness first, and operate with a steady prioritization of work - life balance.

The epitome of grit, perseverance, and resilience. That is who we are here at Boozy Bites. Our founder built this business from ground up, literally giving her blood, sweat, and tears to make Boozy Bites a reality. It was far from an easy journey, but the one thing that has enabled us to thrive is tenacity. We refuse to give up.

We have been told no, more than you could ever imagine. But as a company, we refuse to give up in the face of adversity. Rather we take those no’s, those hardships, and those obstacles, and use them to fuel us to greatness. If we could only pick one core value for our organization, TENACITY, would be it!

Diversity of thought, background, and experience makes each and every one of us unique, and here at Boozy Bites, we are committed to enabling each and every team member to make their voice heard and bring their authentic self to work everyday. We are committed to ensuring representation and equality, because it is through the beauty of each of our employees unique perspectives, that we are able to operate at our highest level as an organization.

We believe that above all else, we must first be kind, empathetic, and operate from a place of understanding. We celebrate and respect each other. We may disagree, we may not always see eye to eye, but we are always kind. If we act with kindness, we can understand each other, learn, and end up in a better place than we started. Our mission is to revolutionize how people celebrate, and to be our best at this, we must treat our employees, ourselves, and our customers with the highest level of kindness.

Innovation is at our core. We were founded on disrupting the alcohol industry, and thus, every employee is empowered to live with an innovation mindset. The beauty of being a start up, is that we get to invent how we operate. We are not tied to the ‚Äúways it has always been done‚ÄĚ or handcuffed by years of corporate tradition. We strive to be better, be smarter, and provide a higher level of service each and every day.

Innovation starts with our product, formation, and packaging, and continues throughout our entire organization. From how we work as a team, to how we manufacture, and how we distribute. Innovation is our nature.

We are on a mission to revolutionize how people celebrate, and we couldn’t do that, without making celebration a core belief of our company. From the small wins, to the game changing milestones, here at Boozy Bites we believe in celebration! We celebrate each other, we celebrate our customers, we celebrate our differences, and we celebrate our wins! Life is a lot more fun, when you celebrate often!

Meet Our Founder

Hi Loves! ūüíē I am Dee Dee, the Founder of Boozy Bites! As the go to party girl, I have always believed a party could never be too colorful, too different, or too fabulous. A few years ago, after attending one too many boring gatherings, I decided to turn my ideas into a company and Boozy Bites was born! Now I get to work on what I love, create jobs for diverse and wonderful people, and know that I am helping bring excitement and fun to celebrations around the country.

Nice to
Meet You

Dee Bryant

Chief Executive Officer

Dee possesses a robust CPG background with experience spanning from Fortune 500 CPG powerhouses to early and late stage start ups.

As a brand manager for ConAgra Foods and Frito-Lay North America, Dee led the commercialization and launch of 7 new items, ran both brand and grocery channel strategy, drove the success of the longest and largest digital to shelf in ‚Äď store activation in company history, received the Glass Packaging institutes clear choice award, the CMO team of the year award, and has had her programming covered in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington post, and Mobile Marketer.

Dee has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA with a concentration in Marketing & Strategy from Washington University in St. Louis.

Dee’s favorite flavor is Rosé

Mike Eisenmenger

Chief Science Officer

One of the top gel scientists in the industry, Mike is our secret weapon. With over 10 years of designing, developing, and commercializing food and beverage products, he is leading up our formulation team. His expertise in understanding and manipulation of the product-process- package interface has resulted in product launches generating over $600MM in new revenue for ConAgra Foods and Frito-Lay/Pepsico.

Mike’s favorite flavor is Mojito!

David Tafares

Chief Operating Officer

David, an ex Army Officer and West Point graduate, brings manufacturing, supply chain, and logistic expertise to the team. With 24+ years manufacturing and plant operations experience at Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, David has both food and beverage experience.

His time with Frito ‚Äď Lay provided him the expertise in operation and supply chain financial/productivity planning, manufacturing design and oversight, process planning, as well as supply side sales & distribution excellence. Making him the perfect COO for Boozy Bites.

David has a B.S. in Engineering Management from West Point ‚Äď United States Military Academy.

David’s favorite flavor is Lemon Drop

Paige Wyzard

Marketing Manager

Paige, a social media & creative connoisseur has been in marketing for 4+ years. As Senior Marketing Manager, she oversees the company’s digital marketing, social media, creative efforts, and communications. Her knowledge in customer relations, strategy/trends, and content creation have played a valuable role in our company’s growth. Prior to her time at Boozy Bites, Paige was a Marketing Assistant at an Interior Design Firm in the Silicon Valley. Paige’s time there provided her with the expertise in driving top line growth, creative execution, and social media. In her spare time, Paige enjoys spending time with the people she loves, shopping, travel, and anything fitness! A #trendsetter in and outside of the office, Paige brings a stylish perspective to our team and brand.

Paige’s favorite flavor is Moscow Mule

Melvin Manuel

Operations Supervisor

My name is Melvin Manuel. I moved to the US with my parents when I was 8, and I grew up in Billerica, MA. I moved to Georgetown, TX three years ago. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University (Providence) in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. I bring 5+ years of food manufacturing experience (formerly QC for a production plant that primarily made soups and side dishes for retail chains like Stop & Shop, HEB, Kroger, Sprouts, Sam’s Club, amongst others.) Ironically, I now work here and I do not drink XD

In my spare time you can find me building and painting miniatures for Warhammer, or playing Magic: the Gathering with friends.

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