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Boozy Bites

From formulation to packaging, we have carefully crafted each and every party of the Boozy Bites experience to ensure nothing but the most premium quality. Learn all about our Boozy Bites here.

You Must Know...

it’s a bite,
not a shot

Boozy Bites are the epitome of Boozy & Boujie. We re-invented the frat house favorite into a unique and Insta-worthy experience with refined flavors & premium quality. And they are made to be eaten one Bite at a time, not as a shot. So don't try to eat it all at once. Enjoy it a few Bites at a time.

always vegan

Yes! Our Bites really are Vegan. Traditional Jello Shots are made with gelatin (which is made from animal by - products). Given we love our furry four legged friends, we decided to enlist the nation's top gel scientist to create an elevated vegan gel base. And man did he deliver! Using 3 forms of seaweed, he created a vegan gel which allows our products to be vegan and a firmer texture, allowing them to be eaten in Bites rather than as a shot.

cocktail inspired

We turned your favorite cocktails into delicious Boozy Bites. With cocktail inspired recipes and 15% alcohol, these Boozy Bites are sure to have your taste buds, and you, dancing. We are currently offering 7 mouth watering flavors, featuring our Gold Medal winning Rosé (94 pts) and Moscow Mule (92 pts).


won’t melt

Our Boozy Bites Don’t Melt! Thanks Seaweed! Seriously, they don’t melt! Because we use a seaweed gel, rather than gelatin, our product will maintain its consistency up to 130F.. Boozy Bites are perfect for a day at the beach, on a boat, or as the centerpiece display at your garden party. While they do not melt, we do recommend storing them in a cool, dry, place, and for best taste, we recommend serving chilled.

the boozy cup

Helping you keep it classy, our Bites aren’t just beautiful, they are also functional. Never have to use your finger or tongue again, simply twist the stem, push it up, and the gel comes right out for you to enjoy.

party ready

Don’t have time to make a cute cocktail or centerpiece for your celebration?! Neither did we. Which is why we made Boozy Bites, the ultimate in party ready convenience. Shipped directly to you, ready to serve, in our elegant Boozy cup, all you have to do is put the box out, and the party can begin!

Who’s Bringing the Bites?

Be the favorite friend and bring Boozy Bites to your next event! Whether you are hosting or attending, having a box of Boozy Bites is sure to make you the party VIP!

  • the favorite party guest
  • the bachelorette party crew
  • the perfect gift giver
  • the tailgate VIP
  • the lake day hero
  • the ultimate party starter

How do you Boozy?

We love our Boozy Babes and Boozy Bros! Show us how you Boozy by following us and tagging us on social media! Want to be featured on our website or in an ad, send us your photos!!

Follow us on social @boozybitesoffical, tag us #boozybites, or email us your photos info@boozybites.com

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