Summer 2022 is here! After 2 years of living virtually, stuck inside, and separated from one another, we could not be more excited. So we have turned to our favorite female founded brands to make this summer truly magical. From epic pool days to enchanting summer soirees, these are your summer essentials.

1. Get Your Buzz On With Boozy Bites

Bring a pop of joy this summer with the cutest new boozy beverage ever! These little champagne inspired jello shots. are vegan, 15% alc, and come in a push up cup! Keeping you boozy & bougie all summer long!   

Founded by Dee Bryant

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Boozy Bites Jello Shots

2. Feel Amazing Poolside with Xhale Swim

Summer isn't summer without a killer suit, and we are obsessed with this gorgeous reversible two piece from Xhale Swim. Built on body positivity, Xhale Swim suits are handmade, luxurious, and are sure to have you exuding confidence all summer long! 

Founded by Jessica Wong

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Boozy Bites Jello Shots

3. Get Your Float on with Minni Dip

Designer pool floats? Disco ball inspired beach balls? Say no more! From pool side inflatable coolers, to queen inspired floats, this female founded company will have you looking stylish and staying comfortable all summer long!   

Founded by Emily Vaca

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Boozy Bites Jello Shots

4. Protect Your Skin with SuperGoop

SuperGoops' new line of barrier-boosting face oil is to die for! Protect your skin from the sun, while also giving yourself a beautiful natural glowy finish. Say goodbye to pasty white suncreens, and hello to the vibrant new you!

Founded by Holly Thaggard


Boozy Bites Jello Shots

5. Keep Your Beverage Cold with Swell

Nothing is worse than a warm drink on a hot day, so keep your beverage ice cold with these cute, stylish. and sustainable, Swell bottles! We are obsessed with the Rose Agate design, but they have all the colors and styles you could dream of! 

Founded by Sarah Krauss

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Boozy Bites Jello Shots

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