Nothing says it’s summer time, more than the long Memorial Day weekend. So whether you’re this years’ party host, you’re headed out for a weekend on the water, or you want to be the ultimate guest, these red, white, & boozy Memorial Day ideas are sure to be a hit.

1. Level Up Your Jello Shots

Who doesn’t have fun memories of jello shots? But then you remember the gross slimy texture and having to use your finger or tongue to suck them out, which we don’t love. So bring the fun of jello shots, but make them premium, vegan and classy! These Boozy Bites are the ultimate Memorial Day party starters. They don’t melt, come in a push up cup – hello no more using your tongue – and are 15% ABV

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2. Social Sparkling

This is a fun, festive, sangria, that is delicious, low sugar, and vegan. Best part is, it can be made in bulk, making it the ultimate crowd pleaser. Plus once you drink all of the liquid, you’re left with delicious boozy fruit!!

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3. Watermelon Blueberry Cooler

Fresh, festive, and refreshing. This hits the spot on a hot summer day. Plus, it is seriously the cutest. And if you get the blue rimming sugar for this, you can duel purpose it, and add it to your Boozy Bites to make them extra festive too!

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4. Add Some Sparkle With Raspberry Champagne

This sparkly cocktail from Seasoned Sprinkles is everything we could our dreams are made of. This boozy cocktail is not only delicious, but it leaves you with booze infused raspberries that are too die for.

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5. Make It Classy With Boozy Watermelon Skewers

These boozy fruit skewers aren’t just cute, they’re delicious. Soaked in rum, mint, and lime juice, it’s like eating a cold, crisp watermelon mojito.

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