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Boozy Easter Egg Hunt

in this box:

4 Citrus Green, 4 Rosé, 4 Lemon Drop, 4 Margarita, 4 Citrus Blue

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The 2nd Annual Boozy Easter Egg Hunt Is On!!

This Easter Pack is the perfect combination of fun bright colors and crowd pleasing flavors to make it a sure fire hit at your Easter festivities this year.  Plus, in addition, it is part of our 2nd annual Boozy Easter Egg Hunt! Inclosed in every Easter Assortment is a stickered Boozy Bite that wins you prizes! And one lucky winner will receive the box with the Golden Boozy Bite, which means they win FREE BOOZY BITES FOR THE YEAR!! 


So don't wait, order your Easter Assortment today and you could be our golden winner!! 

vegan, made
from seaweed

ships to you,
ready to eat

cocktail inspired


won’t melt,
weather friendly


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